SeedGun Sowing Method

The SeedGun sowing method has been developed for almost 30 years. It has already been used to reforestate thousands of hectares of forest.

Machine sowing with SeedGun usually achieves better germination results than manual sowing when the seeds are sowed to the fresh moist soil with SeedGun.

With the SeedGun, sowing is not a separate, expensive and time-consuming work step. It is done at the same time as the soil preparation. In this way, the seeds are immediately obtained in fresh and moist soil. This improves the success rate of sowing.

With SeedGun, it is easy always to use the desired seed type or, if necessary, a seed mixture for each site: pine, birch and spruce. For each sowing point, the machine driver can also choose the wanted wood seed by selecting the sowing button.

Adding seed to the seed hoppers and changing the type of seed takes place comfortably in the machine cab.

The number of seeds in one sowing event can be adjusted precisely. The seeds are directed to the exact desired location. Typical seed consumption in sowing pine is only 150 – 200 g / hectare and birch 40 – 80 g / hectare.

If necessary, sowing can also be automated as continuously.

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