SeedGun in the Tillage Machine

SeedGun can be installed on almost any tillage machine or excavator. It does not interfere other use of the machine. If necessary, the device can be quickly removed thanks to the quick connectors.

The SeedGun is installed on the cabine of soil tillage machine within reach of the driver:

1) It is easy to the driver to select the right sowing time and precise sowing point by pressing the button and to monitor the success of each sowing operation.

2) The seed hoppers are visible to the driver and are easy to fill.

3) The seed hopper shoot out just the right amount of seed along the seed tubes directly to the correct sowing point.

By selecting the button, the driver can choose which seed hopper is used in each sowing event. This makes it possible to sow even a mixture of pine, birch or spruce – depending on the situation and the terrain.

On the screen of SeedGun, the driver can easily see the amount of sown seed on the site. This provides accurate information for invoicing the sowing work.

SeedGunin toimintaperiaate.

Compatible with ASTA-data collection system

SeedGun is also compatible with Risutec’s ASTA data collection system. The ASTA system indicates the location of the cultivating point, the area and the sowing frequency. Now ASTA is also capable to show the SeedGun sowing points and sowing data.

You can store the data of used wood seeds and mixtures to ASTA.

When using ASTA in the tillage machine, you can calculate the amount of places for seedlings. This helps you in ordering the right amount of plantings. It depends always on the soil and the habitat when it is most clever to plant and to sow.

ASTA toiminnassa SeedGunin kanssa.
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