Get familiar with SeedGun reforestation method!

SeedGun is a cost-effective reforestation method, providing the seed with the best conditions to sprout and grow into a healthy tree. Very precise sowing creates significant savings in seed costs and notable improvements in sowing results.

SeedGun can basically be installed in any kind of excavator or tillage machine. SeedGun doesn’t interfere the use of your machine. Sowing combined with other site preparation operations enables remarkable cost savings.

Combining sowing with other work is more flexible than with continuously working sowing devices, because the driver has full control over timing of the sowing event. Operation can also be automatized as continuous.

By clicking the frontpage picture below, you can download the SeedGun -brouchure (pdf, 6,4MT). 

We have a dream:

Within the next 50 years we will be involved in reforesting globally half of the soil suitable for reforestation.

To get more info, please, contact CEO Juha Sirkkala!

Juha Sirkkala, tel. +358 500 493 503 or mail

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